Commission of housing and day care Bybjergvej in Skovlunde with the title "Communitas" 

Ballerup municipality invited the artist to develop an artistic contribution to the new building of Bo og Dagtilbud in Skovlunde. The artist approached the task with the desire to bring elements of color and decoration to the institution's beautiful but rather austere architecture, originally designed by the architects “Fællestegnestuen” in 1967 and recently renovated in 2021 by the architectural studio Vandkunsten. Plenge Jakobsen created 'Communitas' a work of art composed of various artistic interventions installed in the institution's common areas. The work, whose title points to the idea of being part of a community as equals, is composed of geometric abstract murals, sculptural lamps and a series of specially designed curtains. These parts are installed in the institution integrated into the architecture and convey the idea that art is a complement to the functional aspects of the building by playing a central role in creating a good and healthy life for individuals and their communities. The various works of art made for the institution to bring a sense of joy in everyday life as a celebration of the common life of residents and staff. 


“The comiision is intended as an ornament or piece of jewelery for the building and the title is a greeting in Latin to the community and the community and the care and warmth that is the idea of the Housing and Day Care. I think of it as a human and sensual decoration, where all components are made by hand while it is a decoration you can keep looking at because it is ornament-based and has a tactility that in a way already exists in the architecture. In addition, it is a common idea that the decoration supports the color code that already exists with the blue, red and green areas. The sculptural lamps that are part of the decoration are there to provide warmth and humor and a reference to nature and the world outside. ” - Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, 2021 


In BG 1, the decoration consists of 2 works, a large modular painting on plywood in Veronese Green and Platinum White and a wall sculpture is mounted on the opposite wall consisting of an approx. 6 meter long birch trunk partly wrapped in plaster and with light bulbs and chicken eggs integrated in the plaster. The light in this sculpture can be turned off or dimmed up and down via a switch on the wall.


In BG 2, the decoration consists of 2 works, as in BG 1 a large modular painting in Carmine Red and Platinum White and on the opposite wall is a wall relief in plaster and agate stone with light. 


In BG 6, a light panel in cyan blue and platinum white is set up with colored bulbs in red, orange and blue. It's about. 200 bulbs in this sculpture and they can be turned off or dimmed up and down via a switch on the wall. In the common areas there are 4 paintings on plywood in carmine, platinum and titanium white. In addition, there are two reliefs which are smaller versions of the two sculptures from BG 1 and 2 in plaster agate stone, chicken eggs and light bulbs. For the common areas, specially sewn curtains have also been created where triangles are used which also appear as an ornament in the paintings. 


Comission of accommodation and day care Bybjergvej in Skovlunde Customers: Ballerup Municipality Title: “Communitas”, 2021 Artist: Henrik Plenge Jakobsen Art Consultant: South into North Architect: Tegnestuen Vandkunsten

Communitas, Light Panel 2021 (BG6)

Plaster agate lamp, 220 x 175 x 50 cm 2021  Photo : Morten Jacobsen  ( BG2)    

Modular communitas painting, red and platinium white 366 x 610 x 50 cm 2021 Photo : Morten Jacobsen  ( BG1)

Modular communitas painting, Veronese green and platinium white on plywood  366 x 610 x 50 cm 2021 Photo : Morten Jacobsen   (BG.2)


Birch, plaster & egg lamp, 100 x 560 x 35 cm 2021  Photo : Morten Jacobsen   

Communitas Curtains, Sliced pattern wave curtains in Kvadrat Twilight fabric Photo: Morten Jacobsen