Circus Pentium
An Opera in One Act

The Impresario - the circus director, an imposing fool who is fond of profit.
Pentium 808 - an omnipresent ultra chip, a format which materialises itself in 2 or 3 dimensional, aggressive patterns. A kind of circus prince.
Frau Emmy von N - Viennese housewife with problems.
Theodor Wiesengrund (also known as the Citigroup employee) – has a one-off performance in Frankfurt.
The Cocktail Twins - two highly professional male acrobats from the Loire valley. The Troubadour – a distinguished programmer who joined the circus at the Faeroe Islands.
Napoleon - one of the great illusionists.
The Bengali Tiger - a newly transgendered tiger whose reproductive organs have recently been transformed in an Austrian clinic.
The Arabian Horses - five well-trained stallions.
Missy Filly - the circus princess. She trains the five stallions.
Ein Hungerkünstler – an over-enthusiastic entertainer
The Audience Choir - mostly employees from the European Central Bank.
The Daughters of Main - local hipsters.

Over the last couple of years, the fine circus has been on tour. The circus has been through Chicago, Vancouver, London, Vienna, Turin, Expo 2000 in Hannover, Milan and Rome, and the financial capital of Germany, Frankfurt Am Main. Now the circus will materialise itself in a Hafina version.


Scene OneYears ago in an apartment in Berggasse, Vienna
Pentium 808Zero and one
One and zero
I am no longer left with only digits
I am now calculating with feelings
I am the mensch machine
Luring in the corner behind the dressing screen
Seeing everything
Analysing the human being
Frau Emmy von NDo not touch me again

I will not submit to your will
Do not caress my breast
Do not tear my Wolfords apart
With your umbrella apparat
The Citigroup employee The ”apparatus” is strong and fierce
Penetrates the newly married
The employee is wild and perverse
With up-skirt fantasies, in a wicked universe
Frau Emmy von N Do not abuse me again
I do not hear the horses stamping in the circus
Do stop or I scream
You are too nasty and extreme
The Citigroup employee I take you now
You innocent Frau
Frau Emmy von N Hiiiiiiiiiiiii, hhiiiiilllfffe
Pentium 808 Zero and one
I observe
I decode
I analyse
What to do
With Frau Emmy and the Citigroup
Scene Two In the dressing room of the touring circus, now in Copenhagen
The Impresario In Italia, in Espania, in Germania,
Entertainment is our trade
Making money, counting money
Producing folly, spectacular and funny
Kleine tiger
So foolish and confused
Not knowing its gender or direction
His performance is absolutely no sensation
In Italia, in Espania, in Germania,
Entertainment is our trade
Making money, counting money
Producing folly, spectacular and funny
Cocktail Twins We like the Tiger
It is the most splendid animal
He is the jewel of our circus
She is more extraordinary than the light of Sirius
The Impresario In Italia, in Espania, in Germania,
The bank accounts are over quota
Cocktail Twins Stop it, dear Impresario, stop it
Hush, hush, and calm down
Here comes
Here comes the Troubadour with his lute
Interlude The Troubadour plays some music assisted by his mechanical bird
Scene Three At the spinning wheel of lost fortunes
Napoleon I am here in front of the mirror
Seeing myself in all my splendour
The mirror is a satanic reflection
Beauty changes into the obscene
I want to set up the great illusion
Creating violence and confusion
With the Impresario my dearest friend
Will we create the perfect reign?
Cocktail Twins We must do something
The Impresario cannot be sovereign
He is making fortunes
We are making nothing
His time must come to an end
We must start a conspiracy
We must use our gift of seduction
So that everybody feels the repulsion
Of the greedy and terrible Impresario
And his companion Napoleon that sick trickster
Pentium 808 I am ready for control and amok
Bengali Tiger I am hungry for revenge and coma
Scene Four In the circus ring
Impresario Wilkommen Freakfurt, welcome!
Our special guest tonight might be Theodor
Theodor, the mental meteor, come out and play
Theodor my intellectual mentor, come out and play
Theodore Wiesengrund O no, no, no, O, ho, Hollywood
I do not know where to begin
It has been such a long voyage through difficulties
Who am I, after all this?
Why has it all failed?
What happened to all our dreams?
They all vanished into the miracle of the silver screen
Let me tell you a story
About civilisation and glory
It all collapsed, sheer melancholy
Corrupted consciousness is the melody
Gloss over cultural complexity
O, no no no, Contemplation where art thou?
Pentium 808 I am P 808
I reign in every state
Together we can make the circus a better place
Impresario Enough!
Pentium 808 &
Theodore Wiesengrund
Never enough,
We have to tell the sad sad story
Not only focusing on the follies
Impresario No! Enough, the spectacle must, it must begin
Bring in the Tiger, bring in the trans-Tiger
Bengali Tiger Roooooar, rooooooooaaaar…
Impresario Merci! Monsieur le Tigre, Bellisimo! Enough!
Bring out the famous daredevils,
The outmost talented acrobats,
From the Vallé de la Loire
The sexy, the challenging,
The Cocktail Twiiiiinzz!
The Cocktail Twins Bienvenue to our act
We present to you Frau Emmy von N
She will play with us tonight
She will hang in the trapeze tonight
In the rings she will swing
Frau Emmy von N will…
Bengali Tiger Roooar -- Frau Emmy von N, tell us how you feel?
Frau Emmy von N I better not tell my story here in circus
Pentium 808 Do, please do, and tell us the truth
The Cocktail Twins Leave Frau Emmy von N to her trapeze business
Frau Emmy von N Where are the horses? I do not hear the horses?
Impresario Enough! This has to stop! Bring in the…
Frau Emmy von N Oh, but his genitals were all over and inside me…
Impresario Enough! This has to stop! Bring in the…
The Cocktail Twins Let us do our show!
Impresario We have had enough!
This has to stop!
Bring in the…
Bring in the horses
Let us see the fabulous five Arabians
No hysteria, only a gallop inside the ring
The Arabian Horses Stamp, stamp, stamp
We can jump, march and
Stamp, stamp, stamp
Missy Filly Olé!
The Arabian Horses Trot, trot, irregular trot
Missy Filly And now the gallopade!
The Arabian Horses Gallop, gallop, galloooop We are a costly and breathtaking horserace The golden gallopade
Impresario It is magic!
The Audience Choir Indeed, this is magic!
Impresario In Italia, in Espania, in Germania,
Entertainment is our trade
Making money, counting money
Producing folly, spectacular and funny
In Italia, in Espania, in Germania,
Entertainment is our trade
Making money,
The Cocktail Twins Tiger, let us carry out our plan Eat the devils, free us from this scam
Bengali Tiger Rooar, rooooar, plenty ooffff yyyoouurrr despotiiism
I need to gnaaaww into yyyoouurr flllesshhh
Impresario Aaaarrrrgh, arrgh, appy-polly-loggy,
Dear Tiger, do not, do not consume me,
I have a proposal Tiger, aargh,
Bengali Tiger Roooooooooarrr!
The Audience Choir Woooaw!
Ein Hungerkünstler It happens slowly to me, Bit by bit I fall apart You will share my destiny, So it has to be Nous serons tous ainsi…
Pentium 808 More violence, the audience loves it Impresario you are now a carcass Let us also devastate Napoleon With electric shock and torture Let him feel the illusion of life Facing the death and the big hollow
Napoleon Please take pity on me and my splendour
I promise to disappear into the mirror
Pentium 808 More violence, the Pentiums love it
Wiesengrund it is now your turn
To feel the pain
A result of female hate
Missy Filly & Frau Emmy von N Now that Impresario is just a corpse
Napoleon is electrified
Let us tear apart den Wiesengrund
Who violated the young Emmy
Undercover as a bank employee
Let us strangle him with our stockings
Theodore Wiesengrund Oh no! Not the stockings!
Missy Filly & Frau Emmy von N Oh yes ! With the stockings
Theodore Wiesengrund I guarantee to disappear from sight To become a better man Who stays behind the counter in the bank
Missy Filly & Frau Emmy von N Never! No mercy, you squint-eyed monster
Theodore Wiesengrund O Schmertz, O Schmertz
Scene Five Am Rhein, on the riverbank, 6 kilometres before Koblenz
The Cocktail Twins Look, over there on the other side of the running river
It looks like a fantasy
The funky girls have something to sing out loud
About the world in which we live
Of something new that has yet to come
Or perhaps it is just another great swindle?
The Daughters of Main It is all over now Impresario and horses The circus and its escapism Its fraud and illusionism It was the entertainment industry Showing off its hysteria and misery Frau Emmy has been sorted out We have totally blanked the Impresario’s impressive accounts Commerz Bank it’s fantastic Dresdner Bank it’s orgasmic Deutsche Bank it’s magic

Instrumental epilogue by the Troubadour