Made in Italy
Around, Galleria Enrico Fornello, Prato, Italy, 2006
Cotton, polyester
196 x 126 cm

Note: Handmade in a textile workshop in Prato italy, this canvas spells out a serie of major textile manufacturing cities in China. Each Chinese city start with a black letter. The Town Prato, next to Florence is an old textile city, and hold the biggest number of Chinese imigrants in Italy, and they are heavely involved in the local mid- price textile industry,and they now have to compete with their former homecountry.
Made in Italy (detail)
Chinese Italian Rice
125 Kilo of rice from the Po river delta, bought in a Chinese retail store in Prato.
230 x 50 x 50 cm
Chinese Italian Rice (detail)
Made in Italy and Chinese Italian Rice
Installation view