Novo Nordisk, commision piece 2001-2003
This commission concerns the corporate headquarter of the Novo Nordisk pharmaceutical company in Bagsværd, Denmark. It consists of several wall paintings, furniture and objects. The commission is placed in a building designed by the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen who was the house architect of the company from the early fifties until his dead. The commission is a kind of small lounge area and a corridor located in the transition area between the financial department and the boardrooms. The chair object is made out of Jacobsen's Ant Chair which he designed for the cantina company in 1951. Underneath the seat of the chair is a smallscale model of the cantina building. This building was the first Arne Jacobsen designed for Novo Nordic. The model under the seat can also function as light source as electrical devices makes it possible to light up the small building from within. The other furnitures are not manipulated but the majority are designed by Arne Jacobsen as well. The wall paintings are referring to colour codes often used in science and laboratory aesthetics.

The commision can only be visited on special appointment.
The importance of doing nothing 2001
Chair, 2003
Everything Is Wrong, 1996