Commission for Trekroner Kirke, Roskilde, Denmark


The works of art in Trekroner Church were executed by the artists Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, Lea Porsager and Alexander Tovborg in 2019, with Henrik Plenge Jakobsen acting as consultant and producer. 


The decoration is based on the fact that integrated art in the architecture and in the functions of the church, often has been the case with church buildings throughout history. The decoration was developed in close collaboration with the architects from Rørbæk and Møller, the church's pastors and the Himmelev Church Council.


Floor by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen: The Trekroner Pentagon floor The floor is laid in handcrafted bricks, which creates a special pattern created by the use of a pentagon bricks specially made for the occasion. It is a specific pentagon that can form a surface discovered by mathematicians in 2016 at Washington University in Seattle. It is thus a whole new geometry, which here is paired with a material and technique used for floors in Danish churches from the Middle Ages as well as in the most ancient churches in the Levant.


The cross by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen is made of aluminium and coated with palladium. Palladium is an element and a precious metal that, unlike leaf gold and platinum, does not corrode. In the cross have five carved circular holes. These are connected via indented lines. Together, they draw the zodiac sign the North Cross, which appears on the local latitudes in the night sky at Christmas time.


Alter by Alexander Tovborg The altar cut in oak and represents two hands reaching forward. The altar is inspired by wood carving works in the Norwegian stave churches.


Baptismal font Lea Porsager: Credo The baptismal font is created in South African sodalite, a blue stone with a cubic space-centered crystal structure. The three-dimensional stone formation is inspired by the geometry of the church's tile floor. Porsager has also performed a baptismal dish with a fishing mark at the bottom as well as a baptismal pot and an altar lime, all in bronze. 


Window by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen: Sigmar The window is composed of agate stones, from Brazil and Congo, cut into slices as a greeting to the church's basic form, cellular structures and the world of minerals.


Exterior door by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen, The exterior door of the church is made of aluminium coated with palladium leaves .

Trekroner Kirke, 2019

Agate window inTrekroner Kirke, 2019

Baptisimal font by Lea Porsager and cross by Henrik Plenge Jakobsen 

Trekroner Kirke exterior with palladium guilded door