Deep Space Ornamentation, 2016

Deep Space Ornamentation is a sequence of eight silkscreen prints and one nonrepresentational sculpture. The silkscreens on canvas consist of enlarged labels from 12 inch and 7 inch vinyl records from the Detroit techno and house scene of the period 1981 – 1991. All the labels have kept the original graphic contour, but with slight distortions such as altered color profiles. The silkscreens can be perceived as an acknowledgment of a fundamental mental and inspirational material for the artist, namely the interface between funk and futurism with this repetitive and synthesized music from this particular scene represented. Early Detroit techno artists employed science fiction imagery to articulate visions of a transformed society, and using mainly Japanese-made electronic instruments, they promoted ideas such as erotic emotions, space travel, Afrofuturism and anti-authoritarian strategies. This exhibition is an abstract tribute to the beauty of the movement.